Susan brings focused and relevant transitional information to families and to students with disabilities who are preparing for adulthood and college. Her knowledge of federal, state, and special education laws pertaining to transitional services reflects a culmination of many years of direct, hands-on work and personal experience in the field of disabilities. She is able to convey complicated regulations and guidelines into an easily understood language to assist in the transition of students with disabilities.
— Richard Pelletier, Director of Student Services, Tewksbury Public Schools, Tewksbury, MA

Working with Susan has been a very fruitful and rewarding experience! She is someone who shines a light on collaboration, innovation and creativity when it comes to teaching and sharing knowledge for the overall success of a particular population.

When I worked in the Admissions & Student Recruitment Office, we partnered on multiple presentations with high school students who needed accommodations in the classroom. She was excellent and very thorough. More recently, we collaborated to offer a series of non-credit courses that support the transition of students with disabilities from high school to college for both the student and the parent. In addition, she began teaching a course for K-12 educators to earn Professional Development points towards their recertification/license renewal process. She received nothing but positive reviews! I am happy to say we are going to continue our partnership this fall, in hopes that there is more to follow.
— Lauren Ellis, Program Manager, Community Education & Training Department Middlesex Community College, Bedford and Lowell, MA

Susan Woods is an experienced and engaging speaker. Her thorough presentation and resource materials answered questions parents and educational administrators didn’t even know they should be asking. She is a natural teacher, and audience members left feeling informed and confident that they can navigate the transition process with their students with disabilities.
— Megan Moran, LMHC , formerly Transition Coordinator at The Arlington School, McLean’s Hospital, Belmont MA and founder and Transition Specialist at Change over Constant | changeoverconstant.com

Hope Reins is a therapeutic horseback riding program located in New Smyrna Beach, FL. Earlier this year, we hired Susan Woods to conduct a disability training for our staff. Working with children and adults with special needs in a setting with live, large, prey animals can present many challenges.

Susan provided us with a great deal of information and personalized our workshop to address our specific issues. It was an incredible training which provided our certified instructors with many tools and tactics for handling tough situations. The information presented was easy to understand and Susan had ready answers to all of our questions. We will definitely be looking to Susan Woods to help us to continue our education so we can better serve our community.
— Hope Rosenthal, President, Hope Reins and Marcody Ranch, LLC, New Smyrna Beach, FL | hopereinsinc.org