Workshop attendees will gain an understanding of the difference between services and accommodations for students from K-12 to college/post-secondary education, to include:

  • Defining and understanding applicable laws in post-secondary settings
  • Discussing the process for determining eligibility, documentation and requesting accommodations
  • Discussing the concept of “reasonable accommodations” in post-secondary settings
  • Assisting students in preparing for the transition to college/post-secondary environments
  • Identifying questions to ask college/post-secondary programs
  • Learning about other resources and alternative programs to traditional academic college pathways

Professional Development and Workshops can be delivered via Webinars or face-to-face large and small group workshops

The audience can be professionals, college personnel, high school guidance and student support staff as well as families and students preparing to transition from high school to college.

Education, information, knowledge, metacognition, independence, awareness, self-advocacy, and effective communication = SUCCESS!


Recent workshops and webinars:

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ADA Reasonable Accommodations – Navigate Requirements to Ensure Compliance and Support Student Success, Retention & Persistence (focused on higher education institutions)

Preparing & Supporting Students with Disabilities (focused on professionals and high school personnel)

College Success for High School Students with Disabilities (focused on students and families)

Effective Strategies and Instruction for Students with Disabilities (15 PDP’s Teacher certification training – Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Elementary and Secondary Education)